Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm borrowing this lovely quote from a post I read at Humble Handmaid (one of my favorite blogs ever :)

I won't go into detail about her post, but I will say that almost everything she writes from a trying-to-live-out-my-vocation-daily-Catholic-momma perspective, I feel like I could've written myself.

Okay, so here's the quote:

"The "miracle" which God asks of you is to persevere in your christian and divine vocation, sanctifying each day's work: the miracle of turning the prose of each day into heroic verse by the love which you put into your ordinary work. God waits for you there. He expects you to be a responsible person, with the zeal of an apostle and the competence of a good worker." -Christ is Passing

This speaks so loudly to me, because I find it very important to put myself into each and every task at hand. As a momma, wife, nurse, and in how I live out my Catholic faith. I sometimes become so tired at the end of the day, which is what Erin's original post is about, that it can be very difficult to still make the effort to pray for grace at the end of the day, in the moments in which I need it most.

Thank you, for this simple, yet very convicting reminder that God calls us to sancitfy each day's work, wherever we are, whatever we're doing, and to do so with zeal!

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