Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shorts and tee shirts

Oh my. It has been an exhausting day. I'm at the National Student Nurses' Association annual convention, and my oh my... it has been quite a looong day. You'd think, being away at a really nice hotel and doing awesome things with your profession (or pre-profession). I woke up -LATE- at 0530. The day turned out well overall, but some friends and I have run into several not-so-pleasant situations. All of them were made not so pleasant by very poor customer service.

Oh well. Pizza is coming soon and I am out of my uncomfortable business clothes and in shorts and a tee :) And I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

Oh!!! I accepted a postion as a nurse!! I'm so excited!

Also excited for other reasons... actually I've been very excited lately. I wonder... is that a sign of good things to come?

I hope so.

I want to write and write and write. But I'm borrowing a friend's MacBook (cool I must say), and we've both got quizzes to take online.. Therefore, I must part with my dear, scare audience.

And to you I bid goodnight. I miss you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy day

So, I decided not to work tonight. I'd rather play softball anyway. What a rebel am I ;)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy, busy bee

I'm ready. Ready to be as busy as I have to be to get through the next two months.

Worked 8 last night... no big, and YAY! Now I'll have a paycheck! Haha. I've got clinical tonight, Sat night, and Sun night -missing another softball game :( I'm glad I worked yesterday, but an 8 followed by 3 12hr shifts? Yikes. I'm gonna be some kinda tired Monday morning. I'll get home from work around 8 and sleep til 5 :)

I'm ready to be done with the chaos of trying to coordinate crazy clinical times with studying for exams, class, work, and sleep! My goodness!

So, I started looking for apartments :) It turns out, getting into an apartment won't be as expensive as I thought. I guess I'll move in about June or so. Wow, I feel not so much like a kid anymore. I'm really excited about finally having my own place. On my days off, I can just enjoy whatever, instead of feeling like I should occupy every minute of my day with studying or working on assignments. I can visit home whenever, see my parents, Andi, and Sam as often as I want!! And then, on the weekends, maybe Andi and I can visit Bink. I can't begin to explain how happy and ready for all of this I am.

The only part I'm not so ready for are all of the expenses that come with starting off on my own. The deposit and fees for the apartment, down payment for a new car, etc. Heck, I still have to save up $ for graduation inviations, the next $200 payment in the application to take NCLEX, and other random expenses. Haha, I guess I'm always thinking further down the road.

The next two months are going to be fast and furious, but all I can say is bring it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I got my first job offer yesterday!! I am SO EXCITED! God willing, I'll be an RN (real nurse, haha) in June :]

I interviewed for a position yesterday, and got a job offer on the spot. The amazing thing is that for a new grad, night positions are somewhat of a given, especially in specialty areas such as ICU, Labor and Delivery, etc. I applied for a position in an ICU, DAYS!!! And she wanted to hire me yesterday!

I am... needless to say... very excited ;)

Monday, March 3, 2008


I am thoroughly thoroughly exhausted. And clinicals have yet to begin.