Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The first is the third

So...... We finally decided on baby boy's name! Our first son will be the third Samuel Lynn, named after my wonderful husband and his father. I turned 37 weeks this past Monday, which means I have 2 and 1/2 weeks left, if he goes the full 40 weeks. I get more and more eager to hold him in my arms and have a little bitty baby again. Each day that goes by feels like it could be the day. I feel ready.

We were slightly worried, Sam much more so, recently. At my 36 week appointment, my doctor said the baby was transverse, meaning he was sideways in my uterus, instead of up and down. He said that unless the baby turned on his own, I'd have to have a c-section. I know women have c-sections everyday and do just fine, but Sam and I really don't want me to have one unless absolutely necessary. The recovery time, from what I learned in nursing school and the experience of women I know, is about double that of a vaginal delivery. To think that it is major abdominal surgery is enough for me to opt out. When Sam and I heard this, we were a little worried, but trusted in God and prayed that His will be done, no matter what. Thanks be to God, at Monday's appointment, my doctor checked with the ultrasound, and baby boy is longer transverse, but head down! Yaaaay!

And I'm very excited for this weekend. My last two days to work before taking maternity leave will be tomorrow and Saturday. Then, on Sunday, my mom and sisters are having a diaper shower for me :) Since Ella and this baby are so close together, we have everything we need for him, minus few things. Cousin Levi, who is 5 hours older than Ella, graciously gave us all of the baby clothes he's outgrown. We just need a few newborn outfits, a double stroller, and I'd really like to have a new breast pump, although that one isn't necessary. And of course lots and lots of diapers!

We're thinking about this double stroller. It's a Kolcraft Contours Tandem II. Really cool.

It can be changed into so many positions. Here's another way to use it.

I'm just very excited! I want to hold him! I was looking at pics last night of when Ella baby was born, and I just can't wait to have another baby. We are so blessed!

In other news, I recently applied for a PRN position at another hospital in town in the CCU. PRN means it's an as needed position only, so I'm only obligated to work a minimum of 1 in every 90 days. Sweet. I applied after talking to Sam about it, because at my current job, where I'm also PRN, I've been getting cancelled a lot recently. When we don't have many patients in the unit, the staffing office will cancel staff according to how many nurses are needed. They try to keep a ratio of 1 nurse to every 2 patients, depending on acuity. According to policy, full time and part time staff are staffed first, the PRN staff as needed. Well recently I've been cancelled frequently, which works out fine with Sam and me, considering I'm so late in my pregnancy. But, we talked about it, and after I have the baby, I want to go back to working 2-3 days a week. I guarantee my current job 2 days a week that I'm available, but if I'm cancelled, I'll hopefully have another option to make sure I get my days in.

Sam and I are on the Dave Ramsey plan for getting out of debt, and I want to make sure we have my income to devote to paying extra on our car and my student loan. God willing, we'll be able to have no debt by close to this time next year, except for our home mortgage. That is very, very exciting! I know it sounds dorky, but we're pushing to be in that position so that when, God willing, he gets into PA school, we'll have only a very few monthly bills. It reminds me of what we're working toward. We want to be completely debt free so that our income can be used to build wealth and not most of it go toward payments each month.

We've talked about it a lot and do so frequently, still. We want to build wealth, not just to have it, but for several reasons. One is that we want to not make decisions based on how much something costs. I want to do something because I feel we should, without worrying about having to factor it into our budget. Secondly, we want to BLESS people!! Sam and I are always thinking of ways to anonymously bless the people we love in our lives, as well as strangers and the organizations we support. We are big, big proponents of the sanctity of marriage, and we'd love to donate thousands of dollars to Catholic marriage ministries. We also listen to Catholic radio all the time, and how I'd love to give more to our favorite apostolate, Catholic Answers. I want to set up a small scholarship program for all my younger cousins and our neices and nephews to help them as they are pushed to get good grades. I want to bless our parents, so that none of them ever have to worry about retirement. I want to bless our children with a college fund, something which neither Sam or I had. I want to give the people on the side of the road who ask for money a $100 gift card to wal-mart. And so many other things!

We just want to be God's hands at work. And while I most definitey understand that money isn't needed to be God's instrument, I know that if used for good, it can multiply His blessings.

Anyway, that was a rather long post for me, and whole I'd like to keep rambling off all my thoughts and dreams, I need to straighten my hair while baby girl is napping. Blessings to all.