Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So I finally have a chance to write! Can you guess where I am as I type this lovely post? Yep, I'm the lucky gal who gets to sit at the DPS for what looks like will be at least an hour this morning. And that's even better than yesterday. Yesterday it was unbelievably packed. I took the last parking space and had to wait in line fifteen minutes just to get a number to wait in the real waiting line. Waited long enough to get a number and then realized I didn't want to spend my whole afternoon at the DPS and left.

So, what, do you ask, brings me to the DPS?

The day before yesterday I took Baby Samy to the pediatrician because he's been sick: dry cough, sinus congestion, fever, and vomiiting... Prayers please, as he's still sick. Well, after we left the doctor's office, I stopped at the store to buy lunch for my dad and sisters who lovingly watched Ella while the baby and I were out. That's where it happened. That's where I lost my wallet. I didn't even notice until that evening when I needed it again and turned my house, car, and my parents' house upside down looking for it. Needless to say, it was un-findable. And since I can be a very cautious person, sometimes borderline paranoid, I'm assuming it is lost to the world. Super duper bummer. I cried a little and then a lot, but my wonderful parents were amazing with helping me with my little ones and also with looking for my un-findable wallet while Sam was out of town for the day. (I'll write about why he was out of town later, but for now, that's top secret!)

So, alas, I am in the process of rebuilding what I should not have lost in the first place. :sigh:

I do think God has a reason for all of this, though what, I'm not sure yet. Here are the list of possibilities I've come up with so far:

1) Maybe I'm supposed to be at each place (i.e., DPS, banks) for a specific purpose. Maybe God wants me to share His light with the people there, albeit in the beginning it was a little dimmed because of my low spirits due to the whole losing-my-wallet situation.
2) Maybe if whoever found/has my wallet, if anyone, needed the money that was in it.
3) Perhaps He is telling me that I really need to start being more careful about these kinds of things, and maybe, that one way of doing that would be to actually use a purse.
4) Maybe God wasn't too crazy about my old drivers license pic (I know I wasn't), and this was His gentle way of getting me to take a new one. :)

Okay, okay, so maybe not the last one, but maaaybe. God jokes around with me from time to time :)

He cool thing about the whole thing was that my dad came over yesterday morning to watch my little loves while I drove all over town taking care of the stuff that accompanies losing a wallet, when he decided to read a devotioinal from Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado. The Holy Spirit was definitely talking to me through it. The title of the devotional for yesterday said "Do Not Worry"' and the quote was from St. Anthony, patron saint for people like me who lose things all the time. I just thought, "Niiice. Good one, God." :)

So, in other news, (goodness gracious, I can't believe that I haven't posted this yet!) Sam got into PA school! Yay! He actually interviewed on a Thursday and got the letter of acceptance two days later. I told him they must have really been impressed and wanted him in the program for hint have been accepted so quickly :) I'm so immensely proud of him! He starts in May, which means (drumroll, please)............ he will forever be off nights! From his wife, who misses him at night and during the day, even when he's with me (because he's always tired) I feel like shouting to the world, " Wooooooo hoooooooooooo!" So, it goes without saying that I. am. excited.

I guess I'll end this post now, even though it looks like I've got at least another hour after the one I've already waited. I wanted to post pics since it's been so long, but can't upload them here from my iPad. Maybe later. Hope all my blogger friends are well . Happy Wednesday!