Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Decode [High Quality] - Paramore

No work tomorrow. Then four on. I'll be exhausted after next Monday.
Oh! I move into my apartment next weekend :) I'm super psyched. I've been getting stuff little by little to fill it all up. Think I've got most of the stuff I need, except perhaps a washer/dryer.

So I found the new soundtrack to the Twilight movie. Apparently it's already topped the charts and the movie hasn't even been released yet. Ohhh... whether to watch it or not :-/ I just don't know. I've got the perfect image of Bella and Edward in my head, and so far the previews I've seen have completely let me down. I don't know if I want to taint all the memories of the story by watching the movie. But, then again, I'll probably change my mind by the time the movie debuts.

I'm in need of a workout. A good ab workout. Cardio hasn't been a problem lately. I'm still running as usual, but I want a good core workout. Suggestions?

So the wedding is set for April 19,2009 <3
Oh my! So much to do in so little time!

I miss taking time out of every day to write. To just sit and think. To not have any music on, occupying every space in my mind with idle noise. I want to make time for this again. This and a time for meditation. To talk with God like I He's my friend. My fearful, wonderful, all wonderful friend.

Today, my dad and I ran errands around town and got a few things taken care of. I got to witness a very wonderful thing today. One of the places we stopped at was the hospital patient accounts office. (My dad went to ER a while ago and we had to go get the co-pay taken care of.) ......... Nevermind. I don't really feel like typing out the whole story. It's really long and I'm not into it anymore. I just got a little sad.

Buzz kill, I guess.

Guardian Angel, hmmmn. I've yet to hear you.

Do dreams mean anything?

I miss my friends.

I need to release a little bit of bitterness that's holding onto my heart like a calcification to my left anterior descending artery- the widow maker, so they say. I need to let go and have a stent put in.

I feel like not typing anymore, because nothing I'm saying makes that much sense to anyone who doesn't live inside my head and understand that my train of thoughts is not a train at all. It's more like a train wreck. And it frustrates some people. So I'm sorry if I've frustrated you with my rambling. I'll begin again another day.

Perhaps tomorrow.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

always smiling
hard working
eager to learn
sometimes impatient
too responsible
a red raider
emotional in church
too compassionate
a nurse
in love
truly happy.