Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feeling accomplished

So I'm home with Ella, away from my love :( Samy went to our business meeting tonight, and since there's no one to watch Ella, we're having a mommy-daughter night... I just wish Sam could be here too. She's been so good though- she's been sleeping for the past couple of hours, letting me get some stuff done around the house.
Dishes are done.
Laundry is done... and put up. (That's the what I'm worst at. I do laundry, but then it just sits in the basket for a week.)
The trash was thrown out.
All the random stuff that was laying around the house is back where it belongs.
Everything is ready for tomorrow's trip to Snyder to visit Grandpa.
I'm so happy Ella girl is being good so that I could get stuff done before bed. I just hope she sleeps through the night like she has been. I love my baby girl :)
I can't wait until our business replaces my income so that I can stay home with her. I'm so proud of my sweet Sam. He's been very motivated and growing our business so that we can both stay home and spend time together. I can't stand that our schedules are so different. I feel like we're always going in different directions, sleeping at different times of the day/night. I want for us to be together so much more than we are now. Thank you, my love, for being such a leader and taking the initiative to make our dreams happen. I believe that in the very near future we will be where we want to be. I love you Samuel.
I think I should start posting more often. I love to write and feel good when I take the time to think about my day and just to think about what I'm thinking about I guess. Anyway, I better go- my parents are stopping by in a minute to see the little one :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To contentedness

Today was a nice day. Sam and Ella and I all stayed home and just hung out. Our little family :) Yesterday was her first day out of the house. We went to see the lactation consultant at the hospital for a follow up and to check her bilirubin level since she was a tad bit jaundiced at delivery. Everything is much better now. Since yesterday, I've felt so encouraged. Sam and I were getting a little stressed when it came to breastfeeding because it is really really hard. They say the first two weeks are the most difficult and now I can definitely see why. It is most definitely worth it, though, to know that its for Ella's benefit. The meeting yesterday with the consultant helped us out a LOT. She was very encouraging and gave us great advice.

It made me feel really good that Sam and I came up with a solution that works great for us. Its less stressful on him and me, and I think Ella too. It feels really good to be able to talk through things with him and make important decisions together. I'm so grateful to have a strong marriage.

Last night I got 7 hours of sleep... oh yes :) Sam got up with her a couple of times, but for the most part she slept all night. I slept from 1130 to 5, was up from 5 to 7, and then slept until about 930 this morning. It was so nice and I feel way better as far as exhaustion goes.

Tomorrow I think we'll go for another walk at the park. I super duper love our stroller! Its a jogging stroller and is really smooth. I can't wait til I can run again and start working out. But I suppose its best to recover first.

Anyway, I suppose I should go pump. (The whole idea of a machine to pump breasts is kind of weird, isn't it?) Hope tonight is as good a night as last night :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ella Baby

I am a mommy! And my wonderful amazing husband is a new daddy :) Beautiful Ella Grace was born Tuesday afternoon about 5 hours after her cousin Levi. She is so gorgeous. I can't believe she's really here. We've been waiting for her for 9 months, getting her room ready, picking out little clothes, talking to my tummy. I'm so thrilled, Sam and I both are.

Our first day home was yesterday, and our first night was a little on the rough side. Poor baby had really bad gas pains. She was crying all night. My sweet Sam is such a great husband. We took turns taking care of Ella in between feedings. I think we each got about 3-4 hours of sleep. I am so appreciative of everything he does to care for me. He knows when I get frustrated and feel like I can't handle something. He's my love, my right hand, my better half, my best friend. I am so in love with you Samy.

At one point last night, I had just nursed Ella and I was so tired and exhausted, physically and mentally. After I burped her I rocked her to sleep and thought I could lay her down... only for her to cry inconsolably. I was just enough to make me feel ten times more tired. And then, like he knew before I did how I was feeling, Sam got up right as she started to cry and took over... for the next 4 hours. I got 4 hours of continuous sleep because he rocked her and walked around the house with her for that long. (I just started to cry thinking about it.) He is so sweet to me.

:Ah, deep breath: So... pictures! I'll post a few that I have now and upload the rest later. She's gorgeous!

Sleeping with mommy :)

Car ride home from the hospital


Friday, April 2, 2010

Great day

I've been awake for only about 20 minutes, but I know its already going to be a great day :) My sweet Samy is home from work, I slept in a little- but not too late, actually slept well last night, and Andi stayed over so I wasn't home alone. (I haven't been wanting to stay alone the last couple of nights in case I go into labor.) Anyway, my tummy is grumbling so in a little bit, I think I'm going to make some biscuits and eggs :) Yum!
After breakfast we're going to go walking in this beautiful weather. Maybe I'll have more contractions. I always get contractions when I go walking, but then they stop as soon as I stop. I had quite a few last night but they too didn't last long. I thought I was going to go into labor- they kept waking me up! So we're on God's time with Ella. I was due yesterday but I guess she had other plans. Its sweet... my mom says she's taking her time because the angels are putting last minute touches on her like giving her little curls :) I like that. I'm sure she'll come out with head full of hair and long fingernails! I'm so excited!!
I'm hungry.
Oh, random, I know- but our grass is getting green! I love spring time, all the trees are so pretty and I like the green-ness of newly budding plants. Several weeks ago Bianca and I planted like 80 pretty flowers in what's supposed to be my flower garden. I'm not sure how long it takes bulbs to sprout, but I guess they're on their own time too. Sheesh, I'm so impatient! I just want Ella to be here and pretty flowers... is that too much to ask? :sigh:
Ok, time to go make breakfast. I'm ready to go outside. Its so nice.