Sunday, August 22, 2010

I want...

I was talking to Sam tonight about something I've been thinking about. I don't mean to compare... at all... because I'm really really happy with my life. I've just been thinking that there are things I want to do that I haven't done yet. But I'm really excited, because now I get to do them with Sam and Ella. I guess what I want most of these things I speak is to travel. I told Sam that I want to make it a yearly thing to take a family vacation, just our little family.

My whole reason for bringing this up is that Sam and I are both so responsible. We can definitely afford to take trips, even if they're bigger trips. But, we're both so responsible when it comes to saving that we don't. I don't mean to say that we never go anywhere- we do. We take trips to different places and have fun together :) I just want to make memories with him and El Bell in all different places.

Sidenote!: Sam surprised me so wonderfully last night! I feel like such a dork- but I'll get to that part. When we layed down to sleep last night, I rolled over and felt something funny under my pillow. I pulled it out and it was a journal Sam had written a note to me in. It was a really cute note, and at the beginning it said, "Right now, I'm probably trying to find a way to get you to look under the bed..." Well, I just read right past that to the rest of the note and when I finished, Sam pointed to that line. I re-read it and moved my hand under the pillow. Finding nothing, I looked at him funny, like "what?" Haha, he started looking at me and was laughing. I re-read it (again) and realized it said under the bed, lol... not the pillow.
So down on my knees, I got to look under the bed- and what did I find?!?!
A digital camcorder!! Yay!!!! I've been wanting one since I was pregnant with Ella! He got a really really nice one :) We've already taken several videos and I absolutely, positively like it :) Thank you Honey Bear <3

So done with the sidenote...

Anyway, Sam and I are really good at saving, and we're getting better and better at it. We always think things like, "We don't really need it", when we want to buy something and waste money. I just don't want to be like that when it comes to making memories with my family. I really want to travel and see different places with them, especially now that we have the camcorder and can record awesome places and new things. I want to make it a tradition to take a yearly family vacation to new and different places.

-Grand Canyon
-North Carolina (I'm not sure why I put Virginia and North Carolina- just seem like cool places to go to)
-NYC (Not really sure I want to take little kids here- but maybe one day)
-Any national park ( We super duper love camping)

I will add to this list as I think of new places- perhaps I'll add a tab from my homepage just for my places to go, but I'll have to figure out how to do that first.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting things done

Started reading a new book last night. It's the most challenging book I've read in quite a long time. It's scripturally and historically based and hurts my brain. But- it is very very interesting and I want to learn more! I'm going to take notes, and even went to Office Depot today to buy new highlighters and post-its :)

This morning Sam and I went and got Ella's pics taken. FINALLY! Ahh, can't believe it took me 4 1/2 months to do it. I've thought about it almost everyday and kept procrastinating.

I'm really excited. The budget Sam and I started last month allowed us to increase our savings quite substantially. And, honestly, we only stuck with it hardcore for the first half of the month. It kinda went out the window after that. We used to eat out all the time and when we started the budget to the middle of the month, we ate out just once or twice. For us that is AWESOME! I'm just proud that we showed ourselves we can do it. But we've recommitted to start again at the beginning of September. It's nice to see our savings grow with diligence :)
I think I'm going to help my little sis develop a budget for when she goes back to college. I'm really pretty good when it comes to saving and budgeting :)

Random note to self: I don't want to introduce the following foods to Ella or the rest of our future kids (God willing) for a loooooong time
1) corndogs
2) chicken nuggets
3) hot dogs
I know too many little kids that want only those things and are waaay too picky.

I'm off to budget for Andi!

Friday, August 6, 2010

So tired....

Work completely sucked today. And I never say that.

I'm so completely tired. I don't want to go back tomorrow.