Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pet Peeves

Lately I've been mentally listing the things that drive me nuts. Here they are.

1) Being late to church.
I don't know how it happens, but ever since we've had Ella and occasionally before, we're always late to church! Usually its just a couple of minutes of singing we've missed, but still way not cool. I don't like trying to squeeze by the people who arrived on time so we can get a seat. But most importantly, I detest getting to church late because I feel like the least thing we can do as a family is get there on time. God has blessed us so tremendously in all aspects of our lives. He's given Sam and Ella to me. We're blessed with a beautiful home that is ours, health, family that loves us, and I could go on and on probably for my whole life with everything God has graced us with.
And I know that it is most important to God to just spend time with him, to talk to him, to love him, to read his word, and get to know him. I do think though, that we are commanded to be a part of the Body of Christ. By that we go to church to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Together we read his word and apply it to our daily lives. We together take part in his body and blood as he commanded of us. Its a beautiful thing.
And what irks me more than anything is being late. If we can make it on time to doctor's appointments and family dinners and even work, then my goodness- we CAN get to church on time. Its one hour a week, seriously.


2) People who don't put their shopping carts in the shopping cart corrals
This one irritates the heck out of me, because it is a simple common courtesy. How hard is it to push the cart back to the corral? At most, it's what, maybe 30 feet? Or if you don't want to walk that far, park closer to the corral! It's so annoying that literally every time we go to WalMart, there are carts all over the parking lot. We live in West Texas and it gets really windy here. I mean gusts of wind will come up from no where and make you slant forward or sideways when you walk. If it moves a person, I know it sure as heck will move some shopping carts- probably right into someone's car.
The other day Sam and I went to WalMart, and right when we parked this nice lady was pushing all the carts together that had just been left in empty parking spaces- like it was her job, but no, she was just being courteous to people who might take the spots. Sam saw her kind of struggling with 10 or so carts and jumped out of the car to help. What a gentleman <3 Anyhow, we proceed into the store and do our thing. When we walk back out, maybe an hour later, our whole area is surrounded by carts. Literally, our car was surrounded- we couldn't have backed out of the parking spot without hitting a shopping cart. Uggh. So, again, Sam rounds up the carts while I put the groceries in the car and get Ella loaded up. Then, the rudest thing! This lady who was parked right next to us gets her two grocery bags from her cart and instead of putting her cart where she's supposed to (it wasn't far away at all), she puts it with the same carts Sam's trying to get out of the way, after she looks right at him. And he was not dressed like he was working there- there was no mistaking him for a shopping-cart-putter-upper-employee.
Uggh. Some people have no courtesy.

Well I know the title of this post is "Pet Peeves", like there will be more than two listed but these are the only two that have really been irritating me lately. I'll stop here. For now :)