Thursday, January 15, 2009

Like its Poison

I am excited about this weekend. Less now, sadly enough, than two hours ago. I think much can be gained from the encounter. Questions will be asked we do not know answers to, hidden feelings will be brought to light, truths will be discovered. I know you as I know myself, but still... always... there is more to learn.
That is why I am excited.
I want to spend the weekend being challenged. Growing. Personally and with you. Learning about things I knew not before. Smoothing out the wrinkles.
I want true intimacy. To know the depths of your soul.
You are my love.

A patient of mine today, perhaps my favorite patient I'll ever have, shared some very good advice with me.
1) After complimenting my beautiful engagement ring, she said, "You know its not the ring that matters at all. Its the meaning of the ring and the measure of the man who gave it to you."
2) You should never follow a recipe just as it says, especially when baking a cake. The secret to baking a good cake is by not overbaking it. You know when its truly done when the edges of the cake pull away from the pan.
3) Never take for granted your parents. You have only one mother and one father. Cherish each of them because you won't have them forever.
4) Makeup can just about always make a woman feel better.
5) Use baking soda like its poison.
Thank you my sweet friend. I will visit you again.

It's been a good day.